100 Teens Who Care Oakville

What do we do?

Our objective is to get Oakville Teens (aged 13-18) further involved in their community through our events. A board of teens organize each event, typically we have 3 over the school year in fall, winter & spring. Each event is 1-hour max in length. At this meeting, teens are expected to come with $10 of their own money. Two teens who choose to be further involved in the event will pitch a local charity. Then participants will vote for the charity they think deserves the donation. Therefore the winning charity earns a $1000 donation from us (100 teens x $10 = $1000 donation). 

As teens, we understand it is difficult to donate lots of money as we have very limited funds, which is why this is the perfect opportunity to become involved with a larger donation. We appreciate each and every participant so much as their donation makes such a difference!

You can also watch this video below where Sydney explains 100 Teens Who Care Oakville...

100 teens.MP4

How can I get involved?

Stay tuned on our Instagram and Facebook page for updates on our upcoming events:) You are also more than welcome to reach out to us on those platforms, however, Instagram DM is probably the most efficient! If you do not have access to Instagram or Facebook you can email us (listed below) or subscribe to our remind texts. Please note: to get remind texts you must also have downloaded the remind app.

Our history...

March 11th, 2017- Our logo was created

April 6th, 2017- We hosted our first information session about 100 teens who care

May 16th, 2017- Our first ever 100 Teens Who Care Oakville was event was hosted 

May 24th, 2018- We hosted our 5th 100 Teens Who Care event at Appleby Collage

September 19th, 2019- We hosted our 10th 100 Teens Who Care event at Film.ca Oakville

April 12th, 2020- Announced that our May event would be cancelled due to Covid-19

November 16th, 2020- Took 100 Teens in a new direction and hosted our first zoom meeting due to covid-19

October 27th  2022 - Back in person at Dave and Busters, a smaller group

March 22nd 2023 - we are back to zoom meeting to capture a lager audience.

Very excited to make more history through 100 Teens Who Care Oakville!!

Meet our team...

All team members asides from their main duties also help with event planning. Before our events, our team meets up weekly to plan. If you would be interested in joining our team or have ideas on how to improve 100 Teens Who Care Oakville, please reach out to us! We are always looking for more helpers:)