How do I send in my $10 donation?

Since covid, instead of physically bringing in $10 to the meeting you will donate through email money transfer. We go through the step-by-step process at the event so there is no need to donate before the event. However, if you are unable to make it and wish to contribute, the steps are posted below.

How do we register for the meeting?

Once again, the steps to register will also be explained at the meeting. However, if you wish to register prior, you can visit the register page of the website. There it will include the attached forms and how to send them to us.

What do I need to do to collect my volunteer hours?

We keep a list of everyone's attendance and involvement at our events. When you are ready to collect your hours feel free to email us. Typically schools require forms signed by the organization which confirm your involvement. So if that is the case, send over all forms we need to sign and any other information your school requires. 

I won a prize at an event, how do I get it?

We record the information of the prize winners and will come in contact with you shortly after the event. However, if we do not contact you, feel free to reach out to us.

How do I pitch a charity at a 100 teens event?

If you would like to pitch a charity, just DM us on Instagram. We love to have people pitching charities at our events, especially if you are passionate about it. When you message us, please include the name of the charity and if you will be pitching with any other teens. You also will extra volunteer horus for the work put into your pitch! Watch the video below of Nicole & Chloe speaking about their experience with pitching in 2019.

100 teens.mp4

What are the steps to picthing a charity?

Examples of charity pitches:

ROCK Presentation